Automatically Pay My Bills

Quick and simple processes...

You can automatically pay your utility or any other monthly bill through your QNB Finansbank account.

Follow this step-by-step process...

  • In order to pay your telephone, mobile phone, water, electricity, natural gas, ADSL or similar utility bills automatically, you must first open a QNB Finansbank account at any QNB Finansbank branch.
  • If you are a QNB Finansbank customer, you can apply for an Automatic Bill Payment via QNB Finansbank Telephone or Internet Banking.
  • You are required to present an actual copy of the bill that you would like to be automatically paid.
  • If you are an existing QNB Finansbank customer, you can make a request for Automatic Bill Payment using QNB Finansbank Telephone Banking* or QNB Finansbank Internet Banking.
* To reach our Telephone Banking abroad, please dial +90 850 222 0 900.