Confidentiality Statement

In accordance with legal banking principles and its customer-oriented philosophy, QNB Finansbank is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers' personal information based on the following ground rules:

  • Only the information compulsory for execution of the banking services and required as part of the services provided are obtained from the customer.
  • Unless there are legal obligations, the customer information shall not be disclosed to any institution and entity without obtaining the approval of the customer.
  • In case regulatory institutes, legislative and executive organs or agencies require the bank to provide the customer information, this information shall only be provided within the framework of the legal procedures.
  • In case of collaboration with other institutions for support services, we make sure that they conform to QNB Finansbank's Confidentiality Statement.
  • All the necessary security measures are being applied in order to prevent unauthorized access to customer information on our information systems.
  • The access given bank staff members to customer information is based on the least privilege principle required for their job and the separation of duties principle.