Technical Advisory Services

We create banking solutions tailored to your corporate and regional needs

Construction Projects

Finansbank provides companies with financial, technical and legal consulting during every stage of contracted private and public sector construction and investment projects, including pre-qualification, the tender process, and the contract stage, as well as the construction phase and acceptance process and, if it is included in the contract, the operational phase.

Finansbank also plays a role in helping real estate development projects, such as residential communities, shopping centers and business centers come to fruition, providing consulting services that include making a detailed analysis of the project in order to design a suitable financing model, analyzing alternatives that may appear at this stage and drawing up a business plan, and evaluating loan agreements for credits to be sourced from domestic and/or international banks in order to secure maximum advantage for our customer.

Real Estate Development Advisory Services

We provide advisory services offering detailed analysis of projects for the realization of investments in real estate, including residential housing, shopping and business centers.

Contract Finance Advisory Service

We provide advisory services at every stage of international or domestic investment projects undertaken on a contractual basis. Advisory services include financial, technical and legal consulting and also cover the operating period should that be included in the contract.