Project & Business Management

We create banking solutions tailored to your corporate and regional needs

Privatization Oriented Solutions

Privatization Oriented Solutions are provided for investors considering the purchase of state-owned assets put up for sale as a part of the privatization process and include evaluation of the company itself and the sector in which it operates, determination of a proper valuation, identification of the value the company will add for the buyer, determination of a suitable financing model and creation of a financing package.

Investment Financing Advisory Services

Investment Financing Advisory Services are provided for companies considering investments in new production facilities, acquisition of existing facilities and capacity increases and include determination of which financial instruments will be most advantageous for the customer and the securing of the necessary capital or financing.

Financial Valuations

Financial Valuations consist of evaluations on the behalf of new partnerships, companies considering sales or acquisitions or partners seeking to learn the value of companies and consist of financial evaluations of companies, with different standards applied for domestic and international market conditions.

Financial Advisory Services

Financial Advisory Services consist of helping companies to generate the best possible returns on their liquid assets, as well as helping companies that due to investments or lack of operating capital need funds to make the most of available funds and/or to find additional funding. On the other hand we provide tailor made financial and corporate solutions to add value to the companies.

Financial Restructuring

Financial Restructuring services are provided to companies that have been established without a proper financial model but seek to keep operating, those that seek to strengthen their financial structures, companies preparing for public offerings or stock sales and multi-company groups interested in changing their financial structures.

Debt Restructuring

Debt Restructuring is for companies that have had their financial structures damaged, or are concerned that they could be damaged, by economic and market fluctuations, overly competitive markets, excessively rapid growth, insufficient operating capital and extreme interest burdens. The companies' current status is evaluated and alternative financing models with more lenient terms are created, possibly with assistance from the creditors, which allow the company to continue its operations and also pay its debts.

Joint Venture Advisory Services

Joint Venture Advisory Services are provided for companies that are seeking to grow, are seeking a partner, wish to increase their capitalization or enter into joint projects. Services include all types of analysis and evaluation pertaining to joint venture solutions, determination of the added value the venture will generate for the companies involved, business plan development, arrangement of consulting services, and provision of due diligence to ensure a sound financial, legal and operational groundwork.