Project Appraisal and Follow Up

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Project Appraisal and follow-up consists of identifying the appropriate financing model for the company and project based on an analysis of the new project, capacity increase investment, or the company's working capital requirements.

The following services are available:

  • Preparation of the financial feasibility report by completing a detailed financial, economic, technical and legal analysis.
  • Preparation of the project cash flow creating the best collateral structure and determining the project finance model.
  • Contacting foreign banks and/or financiers and securing funding.
  • Preparation of the project documentation.

Treasury Borrowing and Guaranteed Transactions

Finansbank provides services for the formation of syndicated loans related to highway, infrastructure, energy, transportation projects and the procurement of machinery and equipment, which are backed by borrowing or guarantees from the Under Secretariat of the Treasury of the Republic of Turkey.

Syndicated Credits

Intermediary services are provided for high-value syndicated loans to diversify the risks that are undertaken by different banks.