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QNB Group's presence extending more than 31 countries across three continents well overlaps with Turkey's key international investors. QNB Group is one of the highest rated bank from leading credit rating agencies including Standard & Poor's (A+), Moody's (Aa3), and Fitch (A+), thus QNB Finansbank has the highest rated shareholder among all the foreign-invested banks with a presence in Turkey, which brings new opportunitites to partner with Multinational Companies (MNC). Therefore QNB Finansbank has reorganized the coverage model aiming to increase the penetration in Multinational Companies. MNC Department has been established within the Corporate Banking Department in order to focus on the needs of multinational companies with high quality and tailor-made solutions.

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We support MNC's via our Corporate Branches and dedicated MNC Department in a broad array of products and services listed as below


Regardless of scope and size, QNB Finansbank is ready with a full-fledged and dedicated team to meet your cash, non-cash, short and long-term needs

Treasury Products

QNB Finansbank offers a wide range of treasury products and services to our clients with competitive prices and fast execution including FX transactions, fixed income products, saving accounts and derivatives. We also support our clients with tailor-made derivative solutions and services in order to fulfill their specific needs, with repressentatives expert in their field

Project and Structured Finance

QNB Finansbank's Project and Structured Finance Group continues to offer its specialized and rapid services in structured deals that contribute to the growth of the Turkish Economy.

Group has successfully displayes its superiority by support and solutions it provides customers with its experienced staff and extensive knowledge in the sector. QNB Finansbank maintaines its active role in realization of large-scale projects not only on a bilateral basis but also as a Lead Arranger in Club and Syndication Loans with participation of the local and international financial institutions.

Cash Management

Today's challenging business enviroment makes cash management inevitable. Corporate and Commercial Banking provide Cash Management services within the framework of a cash management concept based on an advanced technology platform, offering innovative cash management solutions including electronic payments and collections tailored according to your cash flow. The followings are some of the provided hig-tech cash management services;

  • Direct Debit System (DDS) - Standart DDS
  • Supply Chain Finance System
  • Electronic Transfer Systems
  • Cheque Solutions
  • e-Invoice Guaranteed Loan, QNB Finansbank is the only bank in Turkey issuing e-invoice guaranteed loans

Trade Finance

Our clients can benefit from QNB Group's strong correspondent relations thanks to its presence in 3 continents. One of the major aim is to offer a wide range of solutions to its customers by designing new products as per the prevailing market conditions and trends.

  • Letter of Credit
  • Acceptance / Avalization Credits
  • Letter of Guarantee
  • Counterguarantees
  • Standby Letters of Credit

We're committed to providing you best-in-class service and eagerly looking forward to work with you.

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Aydın Ali Aras
Division Manager
Corporate Banking Multinational Companies Management
P: +90 212 318 50 28

Sezin Kılınçoğlu
Assistant Manager
Corporate Banking Multinational Companies Management
P: +90 212 318 57 09