Self-Service Foreign Trade Menu

We invite you to the world of Trade Finance in QNB Finansbank

You can now perform your foreign trade transactions swiftly and conveniently without visiting a branch!

We are at your service with new and effective solutions, allowing you to monitor your transactions anywhere around the world. Furthermore, it is also possible to converse with the bank and obtain services through Foreign Trade Transactions Hotline (216 524 4545), where you can find answers to any of your Foreign Trade questions through SME Internet Banking!

Your transaction gateway to the globe!


  • Through QNB Finansbank SME Internet Banking, you can perform import and invisible item transactions in several methods of payment, such as advance payment, cash against goods/documents, and cash against goods/documents with acceptance credit or letter of credit.
  • You can review your previous transfers performed through SME Internet Banking, and create new transactions.
  • You can also review previous import, export and invisible item files opened by our bank.
  • Complete your letter of credit application form through QNB Finansbank SME Internet Banking, and submit it to your branch.
  • Once you have registered the exporter / seller information, you can reuse it in your future transactions. You can also save all exporter/seller details in a .txt file.

We offer a new service channel, exclusive for your business, through Self-Service Foreign Trade Internet Menu!


  • You can complete your Foreign Trade transactions through SME Internet Banking.
  • You will receive SMS/e-mail update on transaction statuses.
  • Contact Foreign Trade Transactions Hotline (0216 524 4545) to receive support on your transactions.
  • Enjoy advantageous exchange rates, offered exclusively for you.
  • You can perform repeating transfers rapidly through "Saved Transaction" tab.

Contact your branch to define authorization to perform Foreign Trade transactions through SME Internet Banking.