Other Collaterals and Financing Products Used in International Trade

We invite you to the world of Trade Finance in QNB Finansbank

This is an irrevocable payment commitment issued by our bank without correspondence of another bank to facilitate delivery of goods, payment of a debt or performance of a job to foreign-based respondent individuals or institutions.

We can issue a letter of guarantee directly for you, based on a guarantee issued at the order of a foreign bank to your company and granted by foreign company's bank to our bank.

As for the commercial transactions and tenders requiring submission of a letter of guarantee on behalf of foreign individuals and entities, we can ensure that such individuals and entities can obtain a letter of guarantee directly from their bank by issuing a counter guarantee if you have a non-cash credit line at our bank.

Similar to letters of guarantee, standby letter of credit is an irrevocable payment obligation of a bank based on compensation request of the addressee if it fails to fulfill an obligation.

As for commercial transactions requiring submission of a standby letter of credit to foreign individuals or entities, it is possible to issue a standby letter of credit to the foreign banks of such individuals and entities via our bank if you have a credit line at our bank.

Trade Credit Insurance provides an assurance in the form of risk management pool to eliminate collection risk of short-term claims arising from domestic or foreign sales, rather than provide a 100% guarantee on invoice basis.

It aims to secure high turnovers cost-effectively based on an approach of scale economy, risk sharing and diversification.

It can be issued at your request to secure your overseas sales, which are not secured under the guarantee of a domestic bank, against the buyer's commercial risk and political risks in country of export.