International Resources Offering Import Financing

We invite you to the world of Trade Finance in QNB Finansbank

These are medium-term financing credits offered by some countries to importers through their relevant Export Credit Agencies (ECA) to promote exports.

QNB Finansbank provides intermediation service for importers who wish to use ECA credits.

  • ECA credits offer advantages such as long-term maturity and relatively low interest rates for importers.
  • Provides a high purchasing power to companies.
  • They can be granted for any type of investment goods.
  • There is also GSM credit granted by the US Exim solely for products such as grains, cotton, corn etc.

List of ECA credits and relevant Export Credit Agencies is as follows:

  • CCC (GSM/USA - Agricultural Products)
  • US Exim (USA)
  • Hermes (Germany)
  • OEKB (Austria)
  • EKF (Denmark)
  • FINNVERA (Finland)
  • COFACE (France)
  • NCM (the Netherlands)
  • ECGD (UK)
  • CESCE (Spain)
  • EKN (Sweden)
  • SERV (Switzerland)
  • SACE (Italy)
  • SIMEST (Italy)
  • JBIC (Japan)
  • NEXI (Japan)
  • EDC (Canada)
  • China Eximbank (China)
  • TaiwanExim (Taiwan)
  • KEXIM (South Korea)
  • Türk Eximbank (Turkey)

You can utilize intermediary services offered by QNB Finansbank for financing your investments and projects by the IFC, World Bank, European Investment Bank, Islamic Development Bank and similar institutions.

In addition to that, we provide consultancy and intermediation in financing prerequisites, preparation of application documents etc. when you wish to apply to these institutions directly.