Cash Financing Methods Based on Discounting of Accounts Receivable

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It means purchase of export-related undue receivable by a bank or specialized financial institution (forfaiter) without recourse to the exporter.

Advantages for exporters

  • It is a liquid instrument, as it enables exporter to convert their receivables into cash at a specific price.
  • It provides financing without recourse. And it allows your liquidity to increase without involving in your balance sheet as a credit.
  • It improves your competitive edge and marketing power.

Advantages for importers

  • You can purchase with a longer term.
  • Financial opportunities provided by your credibility to exporter allows you to establish stronger buyer-supplier relationships.

Our bank discounts confirmed or unconfirmed letters of credit issued in favor of you and pay the document amount to you in TRY before the maturity date.

Our bank can make payment to you before maturity date of bills by discounting your exports, which are submitted for collection against document with acceptance credit and confirmed by the correspondent bank regarding the maturity and aval.