Specialized Cash Management Solutions

We provide effective solutions in order to manage your cash flow

It is a new supply chain finance product as treating e-invoices issued by the firm as a new type of collateral.

Firms, willing to use loan, should only receive e-invoice services from the subsidiary of QNB Finansbank which is eFinans.

This product, as intended for SME, corporate and commercial segment customers, offers an easy financing without waiting for the receivables' due date.

e-Signature is an electronic data which is exclusive for the signatory only, offering the same legal validity with handwritten signature.

It ensures that the information sent has not been altered during the process. Besides, it is only created on behalf of individuals. Signature verification is performed by our bank automatically for the files and orders you will transfer to our bank by adding your e-Signature.

Firms, receiving e-Invoice services from eFinans, can display and pay incoming e-Invoices via SME Internet Banking after authorizing eFinans to share invoice details with our bank. Payment can be performed through Internet Banking by following Cash Flow > e-Invoice > Invoices Issued for Your Company > e-Invoice Payment.

This is a finance model that meets the immediate liquidity needs of the suppliers by discounting of receivables from their sales to large-scale companies within the allocated credit limit.

Electronic Statement is a cash management system that enables you to monitor all your account activities at QNB Finansbank electronically (online or offline). Based on your choice, your electronic statement can be sent by e-mail, SFTP or SWIFT.

Automatic Transfer System is a cash management system developed for companies dealing with internal transfers extensively.

The system allows one or more automatic internal transfers on a daily basis with a single order.

You can purchase your fuel at contracted fuel stations without paying cash through the Vehicle Identification System.

The system collects your invoice amount automatically from your account on maturity date.