Payment Products

We provide effective solutions in order to manage your cash flow

Utilizing the Bulk EFT/Money Order System, you can perform your EFT and money orders in an electronic environment automatically and collectively. You can also submit your payment records to our bank effortlessly, rapidly and securely through our Finans Yıldızı program.

This system facilitates transaction monitoring and minimizes the risk of making errors.

This is an advanced cash management system developed for companies transferring foreign currency by means of foreign money transfer, invisible transactions, advance payment, cash against goods and cash against documents frequently.

Bulk Foreign Currency Transfer is performed through electronic submission of your transfer details to our bank via SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) or Finans Yıldızı program.

The bank system is also integrated with ERP/Accounting Programs. Accounting process of payment transactions via our bank can be conducted swiftly and automatically in your system.

You can perform your bill payments at the nearest QNB Finansbank Branch or via QNB Finansbank Internet Banking or QNB Finansbank Telephone Banking by using your QNB Finansbank account or credit card. Furthermore, you can pay your utility bills for contracted institutions in a timely manner by giving an automatic payment order at QNB Finansbank Branches or via QNB Finansbank Internet Banking or 0850 222 0 900 QNB Finansbank Telephone Banking.

Bill Payments via QNB Finansbank

  • Mobile phone and telecommunication payments (Türk Telekom, Turkcell, Vodafone, Cable TV)
  • Water bill payments
  • Natural gas bill payments
  • Electricity payments

You can make your tax payments instantly at QNB Finansbank Branches or via QNB Finansbank Internet Banking.

Customs Duty

You can pay your customs duty effortlessly at our branches where a Customs House is available or via QNB Finansbank Internet Banking.

Customs Duty Collection by SMS

It is very easy to make your Customs Duty payments by SMS at QNB Finansbank!

You don't need to go to a branch to pay your customs duty. After your authorization at your branch, you can make your customs duty payments by SMS swiftly.

Motor Vehicle Tax

You can pay January and July installments of the motor vehicle tax for your vehicle from your account or via your credit card automatically by giving an order at QNB Finansbank.

Bulk Motor Vehicle Tax Payments

You can make bulk Motor Vehicle Tax payments by submitting license plate details of your vehicles to our branches.

Title Deed Fee Payment

By visiting our branches, you can make your title deed payments associated with real estate sales/purchases performed at land registry offices.

Social Security Institution Premium Payments

You can make your Social Security Insurance and Bağ-Kur premium payments at QNB Finansbank Branches or via QNB Finansbank Internet Banking.

You can give an automatic payment order for your premiums from your account or via your credit card to avoid delays in your SSI premium payments.

Social Security Institution Salary Payment

Social Security Insurance , Bağ-Kur and Retirement Fund pensioners can withdraw their pensions through QNB Finansbank Branches by filing an application at their affiliated institution.

You can give a regular donation order at QNB Finansbank branches to support contracted institutions of your choice.

With QNB Finansbank Regular Payment Service, you can make your payments automatically at specific intervals by giving a one-time order via QNB Finansbank Branches, QNB Finansbank Internet Banking or Telephone Banking - 0850 222 0 900.

QR Code Cheque is a payment product with a QR code indicating the drawer's bank details and cheque number. The barcode available on all chequebooks can be scanned on Findeks, the smart phone application of the Credit Bureau, to check the authenticity of the cheque and obtain a summary cheque report of the drawer.

If you wish, you may get the required Findeks subscription through our bank.

Continuous Cheque Printing is a program developed for the purpose of printing cheques swiftly and accurately in line with your corporate identity.