Collection Products

We provide effective solutions in order to manage your cash flow

Direct Debiting System is a high-tech payment solution.

The system allows the parent company to collect its receivables from a dealer/distributor automatically on maturity date under the warranty of QNB Finansbank.

How Does Direct Debiting System Work?

Parent company transfers invoice details to QNB Finansbank electronically. Invoice amounts are collected automatically from the accounts of dealers/distributors on the maturity date. In case of insufficient balance, a loan equivalent to the relevant amount is extended automatically through Direct Debiting System (DDS) available credit line and payment is made to the parent company's account.

Electronic Cheque Collection System ensures integration of company's systems with the bank's systems.

Electronic Cheque Collection System allows for a safe information exchange regarding your cheque submitted to our bank for collection.

This service allows you to collect your cheques/promisory notes through our bank.

What are the benefits of cheques/ promisory notes collection service?

  • Facilitates collection and tracking
  • Allows you to use cheques/ promisory notes as a loan collateral, when needed

Cash Collection Service

This service allows companies working with high cash volumes to transfer cash from specified points to the bank or vice versa in armored vehicles. If you sell your products/services in cash, you can benefit from cash collection/delivery service with armored vehicles at your stores, regions and branches.

Cheque Collection Service

If your payments are made primarily with cheques, you can submit your cheques to the nearest QNB Finansbank branch.

Furthermore, you can deliver your cheques to our special armored vehicles at your headquarters or regional directorates with a copy of your collection receipt.