QNB Finansbank banking services
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Internet Banking and Security Information

  • In the e-business market for Internet Banking, we implement a security program using 128 bit encryption which most banks in Turkey use for a secure experience. In addition to providing encryption on the browser, an added encryption takes place on the server, which increases the security for our bank and our customers.
  • To prevent onlookers from obtaining passwords by viewing Internet Banking user screens while they are at their computers, password characters are always displayed as asterisks. The password thus never shows up on the screen during user transactions.
  • To prevent password theft through keylogger programs which are used in online frauds, we provide a "Virtual Keyboard" which allows you to enter your Internet Banking password by moving your mouse on the screen and without pressing the keys on your keyboard. Using the Virtual Keyboard on the password entry page will protect you from certain security cracker programs, known as "keyloggers", which can keep a log of your password characters when you enter them using your computer's keyboard. It might pose a risk if you were to enter your password using the keyboard of a computer on which a keylogger program could be installed. Such risks will be eliminated when you use your mouse to click the keys on the Virtual Keyboard to enter your password.
  • For security purposes, you are requested to change your password periodically.
  • Daily minimum and maximum limits are set on your transactions.
  • With SMS Password, a single-use password is sent to you via SMS. Upon receipt of your confirmation, you can carry out your transfers.