Additonal Precautions

QNB Finansbank banking services are as close as your computer

Internet Banking

Additional Precautions

We have made available for you customizable security settings that will allow you to enjoy an even more secure Internet Banking experience. Use the "My Settings > Restrictions" menu to disable internet banking for transactions of your choice. Furthermore, you can limit access to the internet branch by setting parameters for accessing the system from overseas and identifying your internet service provider or your IP address.

If you access the internet branch only to perform specific transactions, you can disable others you do not use. Use the "Transactions" option under "My Settings>Restrictions" to disallow any transaction while you're not using our branch. No transactions can be performed when you use that option.

You can let our system know the country you access the internet from, your internet service provider or the IP number(s) of the computer(s) you use to access the internet. This will allow you to prohibit access to your Internet Banking from countries, internet service providers or computers you haven't defined to the system.

Use the "My Settings>Restrictions" menu to enjoy a more secure and customized Internet Banking experience. If you'd like more information, reach our Telephone Banking service at +90 850 222 0 900.