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Sustainability Governance and Management

QNB Finansbank’s sustainability strategy is supported by its robust sustainability governance system

In order to make sustainability one of the essential elements in our decision-making processes, QNB Finansbank sustainability governance framework is established, of which details are provided down below. This framework is supported by related policies and procedures. Furthermore, QNB Finansbank’s future membership to global and local initiatives will also be one of the key components of such framework.

Within this framework,

QNB Finansbank Sustainability Committee is established to provide adequate, effective and strategic oversight for the Bank’s overall sustainability initiatives. Sustainability Committee (SC) is responsible for the general oversight of sustainability strategy and performance, including informing and updating Board of Directors and Corporate Governance Committee on sustainability related matters.

Strategy Office, along with a designated sustainability team, manages overall sustainability exercises of our Bank. Strategy Office is also responsible for all sustainability related reporting.

Sustainability Working Groups are the teams proposing and executing projects and action plans.