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Stakeholder Engagement and Communication

Stakeholder engagement  is an effective and crucial tool for achieving our sustainability commitments

In QNB Finansbank, any person or organization that has an influence on our operations, affected by our operations and has expectations from our Bank is deemed as a stakeholder. Currently, we employ multiple methods and communication channels to maintain an open, honest and transparent engagement with all our stakeholders, enabling us to evaluate opinions and feedbacks to determine what we can do better.

You can find down below a list of key stakeholder groups and main communication channels.


Customer satisfaction survey, “Sizi Dinliyoruz (We Listen to You)” line, corporate website, dedicated corporate websites for specific products, services and campaigns, call center, corporate social media accounts, branches, Customer Experience Office activities


Employee Satisfaction Survey, Artı1 Appreciation and Recognition System, Suggestion System, LEAP Employee Assistance Program, Employee Feedback Platform, Ombudsman, Reporting Line, Suspicious Transaction Reporting Line, “Finansçı (Financier)” Internal Communication Platform, Finarmoni Training Portal, announcements, trainings, seminars, conferences, annual meetings, FinClub Life Workshop events, Internal Customer Satisfaction Survey, branch visits, senior management’s informative e-mails

Shareholders and Investors

Investor Relations Unit’s activities, annual reports, investor presentations, investor meetings, Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) notifications

Public Institutions

Audits, reports, official correspondence, meetings, conferences

Non-Governmental Organizations

Social responsibility projects, sponsorships, “Volunteer Financiers” program

International Financial Institutions

Meetings, presentations, conferences


Corporate website, press bulletins, announcements, advertisements, corporate social media accounts, interviews


Meetings, audits, interviews, purchasing processes (tenders etc.), corporate website

Our Bank’s  membership to local and global sustainability initiatives is one of the key components of our sustainability related efforts. Our activities within this scope will be regularly communicated to our stakeholders.

United Nations Global Compact

The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, consists of ten principles to promote better business practices in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

In 2019, QNB Finansbank joined the UNGC and committed to making the principles part of its strategy, culture and day-to-day operations.