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Message From General Manager

QNB Finansbank signed its name under significant achievements in the name of its customers and shareholders

Dear Shareholders and Board Members,

In 2022, we started with hope after a difficult two–year pandemic period, and now we are confronting a new humanity test with the Russia-Ukraine War. The world has faced another uphill struggle both on behalf of humanity and with the economic effects caused by the war. 

Despite the ramifications of the Russia-Ukraine War, currency fluctuations and the elevated inflation, in QNB Finansbank, we wrapped up the first three months of 2022 with a robust performance thanks to the timely spot-on strategies. 

As of 31 March 2022, QNB Finansbank's total assets increased by 15 percent compared to the end of 2021, reaching TL 425 billion 669 million.  In the same period, net loans of the Bank grew by 20 percent to TL 240 billion 762 million, and customer deposits rose by 16 percent to TL 248 billion 263 million.  The Bank's net interest income in the first three months of 2022 increased by 107 percent compared to the same period of 2021, reaching TL 5 billion 91 million, while net fees and commissions income grew by 51 percent on a year-on-year basis, reaching TL 1 billion 64 million. QNB Finansbank's net profit for the first quarter of 2022 realized at TL 2 billion 383 million. 

The first quarter of 2022 witnessed major economic developments, in which new strategies were developed for the entire banking sector. In a period of high inflation, a new era unfolded, in which the efforts on supporting banking, its customers and the economy were more important than ever.

At QNB Finansbank, we are determined that our duty to inform both institutions and individuals about the fastest and solution-generating services with the digital solutions we offer, while supporting our customers to make the right banking transactions in the digitalized world of this era.

By adding new digital solutions to the Digital Bridge Platform, which we have implemented to accelerate the digital transformation of SMEs and larger-scale companies, we continue to expand the range of solutions offered on the platform.  Companies will now be able to find solutions to their financing needs on the Digital Bridge, where they can easily access many digital solutions that meet their needs on a single platform.

 Today we are in a new world. In the banking sector, one of our biggest tasks will be the contributions we will make for a sustainable world with our responsibility arising from funding.

While determining our investors and new investment tools within this framework, we will continue to offer the right and profitable investment tools to our customers. In this framework, we completed our first repo transaction with Barclays Bank, the cost of which was determined based on the energy efficiency performance of QNB Finansbank. Thus, QNB Finansbank once again demonstrated its long-term engagement and commitment to a low-carbon, environmentally friendly economy.

We continue to cooperate with the world's giants based on our activities about exports with our comprehensive and special packages. Renewing our cooperation with Ali Express in 2022 as well, we continue to offer special deals to SMEs for e-export.

In addition, QNB Finansbank Telephone Banking team was awarded in five categories at the 2022 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service Awards. Held for the 16th time this year, the Stevie Awards are recognized as one of the world's most prestigious award programs for customer services, communication center, business development, and sales professionals.

In addition to our banking activities, we pursue our goal of preparing children for the future, which is the most important mission of our Bank. We further progress by giving training to children, again, in the fields of coding, mathematics, and art under the umbrella of our Small Hands Big Dreams Platform. 

Scratch Cup 2022, which was held with the cooperation of QNB Finansbank and Habitat Association, took place for the third time this year. 28 children from 10 teams went head-to-head, coding their own games to save nature. 836 teams from 57 different cities, including two from abroad, applied for the competition.

I would like to thank our valued financiers, whose dedicated efforts lie behind these achievements, our customers, and our shareholders.

Kind regards,
Ömür Tan
General Manager
QNB Finansbank A.Ş.