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Everyone Needs a Financier


We at QNB Finansbank pledge to provide the best possible service to all our esteemed clients.

In order to achieve this goal, we not only promise you a bank, but also a financier.

Because a financier listens to you and understands

The financier makes sure that every product offered, meets a need. Directs you towards the best products that will answer your needs. Develops new perspectives and creates opportunities for you.

Because the financier brings solutions to your problems

The financier knows how valuable your time is. Thus aims to find solutions to your problems within two working days.

Because the financier stands by your side come rain or shine

The financier works together with you to ensure the future of your family and your company. Always treasures the established long-term relationship with you.

Because the financier is transparent about the products and fees

The financier only charges for the services offered. Does not ask for any extra fees for the services rendered, except for those fees and commissions announced at our branch offices and web sites.

If by mistake, you end up paying a fee or commission that is not in compliance with the service you have received, the financier reimburses you.

In the event that you decide you do not need a personal credit or insurance product you have purchased, you will not be charged any fee, commission or interest, if you return the product within one week.