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At QNB Finansbank, our priority is the health of our employees, customers and families. Since Covid-19 (Coronavirus), now prevalent across the globe and in Turkey, hit the headlines outside of our country, QNB Finansbank has taken numerous precautionary actions to ensure uninterrupted banking services and to protect you and our employees. We would like to share the measures we put in place in addition to those set forth by the Ministry of Health.

Measures to protect the health of our customers:

  • As part of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) measures, we have rearranged our working hours to protect the health of our employees and customers and to provide uninterrupted service to you. 
    You can reach the working hours of our branches at can primarily use our "QNB Mobil", Internet Branch, ATM, or Call Center.
  • We restrict the number of customers in the waiting hall of our branches, helping them keep their social distance and we provide services accordingly.
  • During this period, we would like to especially ask our customers to use ATMs and alternative banking channels such as "QNB Mobil", Internet Banking and Call Centers.
  • Customers, who will perform their banking transactions at the branch, are required to wear a mask at the entrance and carry out their transactions wearing a mask for their own and others’ health.
  • For individual transactions, you can call QNB Finansbank Call Center at 0850 222 0900 on a 24/7 basis. For corporate transactions, you can call QNB Finansbank Call Center at 0850 222 1 900 between 09:00 and 18:00 on weekdays.
  • We have temporarily increased the upper limit of daily withdrawal from QNB Finansbank ATMs by card or by QR code to TRY 5,000.
  • We’ve raised the upper limit for contactless card password free transactions from TRY 250 to TRY 350. 
  • Temporarily, you can only use ATMs for cash deposits, withdrawals, credit card debt payments and loan repayments under TRY 5,000.
  • In case a financial trouble arises for our retail and corporate customers who hold credit cards issued by our bank and who have utilized our loans, we will delay the repayments for 3 months for credit card debts, as well as loan principals, interest and commission fees.
  • As for the companies that are seasonally impacted by the given situation and are experiencing cash flow issues, we will facilitate a restructuring option with a non-payment term of 6 months to 1 year. Customers wishing to postpone their loan repayments may submit such requests via our Call Center. 
  • We have started to use disinfectants for cleaning at all of our ATMs. We also have increased the cleaning frequency of our ATMs in hospitals, airports, bus terminals and in other busy areas.
  • The measures taken by the Ministry of Health against Covid – 19 (Corona Virus), as well as our bank’s announcements regarding the use of alternative banking channels have reached our customers and the customer traffic has decreased in our branches. Each branch that remains open means that, at least three of our colleagues cannot stay at home. Therefore, we decided to close some of our branches in the immediate same location temporarily in order to protect the health of our customers and employees.
    Our branch employees are able to work from home and continue to respond to your needs during this period, thanks to our secure technical infrastructure. Our customers are now able to receive services from all other branches that remain open for their essential transactions.

Measures to protect the health of our employees:

  • Using informative texts, we have regularly informed all our employees about how to protect themselves from the virus and how to maintain hygiene. We continue to brief our employees and ensure flow of information with e-training programs.
  • As part of initial measures, we canceled trips abroad unless urgent or essential. We also canceled of our employees’ trips abroad, training programs, customer visits and seminars etc., which we will revise depending on the circumstances.
  • We make sure that employees who went on obligatory trips abroad do not come back to the office for 14 days following their return. We advise their families accordingly as well.
  • Most of our employees have started to work from home as of March 17, using remote access with a technological infrastructure in place.
  • In our headquarters, regional offices, branches and all other service buildings, we have granted administrative leave to our employees who are pregnant or who have chronic condition. We have granted leave to employees with children and without any caregivers in their family, upon their request and based on their work flow. We are ensuring every convenience possible in this regard.
  • We have postponed our in-house training programs and decided to hold essential meetings with remote access.
  • We regularly and frequently implement hygiene measures across our headquarters, regional offices, branches and all other service buildings. We have placed cleaning and disinfectant products for our employees’ use in every essential location.
  • We provide masks and gloves for our employees in our branches, ensuring their hygienic use.
  • We restrict the number of people in dining halls and communal areas, which otherwise are usually busy at a given time.  We have temporarily suspended sports activities.
  • As part of risk planning activities, we have launched technological infrastructure and practices, ensuring their effectiveness, in order to make sure our employees carry out business processes in different locations where necessary. 
  • In order to protect the health of our branch employees, we plan staffing according to how busy a given branch is.
  • We guide the rest of our employees towards working from home or taking administrative leave.
  • We update our activities as the situation progresses, in order to ensure the health and safety of our employees and to provide business continuity and coordination.
  • We have made arrangements and observed plans to ensure uninterrupted banking services which is our responsibility.

At QNB Finansbank, we would like to thank you for your understanding and cooperation for the measures we have taken in this difficult period. 

We will continue to serve you in the best possible way.