Investment Loan Under EIF Guarantee

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Investment Loan Under EIF Guarantee

QNB Finansbank & EIF break a new ground in SME finance!

QNB Finansbank became the first Turkish Bank to sign two cooperation agreements with European Investment Fund (EIF) to give guarantee support to the SMEs in their investments.

EIF, being part of the European Investment Bank and European Commission (EC), is one of the most recognized and specialised institutions aiming to improve access to finance for the start-up and growth of SMEs and to support their investments and activities.

The cooperation agreements with EIF benefits from a guarantee issued under the European Community's Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme and will enable QNB Finansbank to offer special long - term financing for micro, small and medium sized enterprises.

Furthermore, Finansbank's flexible repayment options, extended maturities and competitive interest rates in addition to the collateral support inherent in the Programme make this financing even more attractive.

Lending policy

  • QNB Finansbank is providing a financing of up to 100% of planned investment expenses
    (invesment in tangible and intangible assets), working capital or innovation activities :
    • Investment into machinery and all sorts of equipment to expand the business as well as technological infrastructure for innovation, capacity enlargement and upgrading of service quality
    • Investment and working capital needs of newly founded companies
  • Tenors might go up to 10 years for SMEs as defined by the EC and up to 5 years for micro enterprises.
  • Flexible repayment schemes
  • No collateral is requested except the personal guarantee.
  • This financing benefits form a guarantee issued under the European Community?s Competitive and Innovation Framework Programme.